Adina Nelu

Adina is a Manchester-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer whose work focuses on sonic storytelling and music as metaphor in films and media. She has created bespoke music in a wide aesthetic range for projects such as short and feature films, adverts, sound installations, audio books, spoken word and experimental audio.

Her fourth feature film, The Wishing Tree: Childhood Memories, was Romania’s first ever charitable feature film. Several of her works were featured on BBC Radio 6 where she premiered her experimental audio piece, Dear Hometown.

She has worked with worldwide established brands such as Sky, Audible and Johnnie Walker, and has created original music showcasing virtual instrument libraries from industry leading company Spitfire Audio.

She is a BAFTA Connect member, and was awarded with the HMUK Do it Differently fund, as well as the Sound and Music Francis Chagrin Award. She was mentored by Sky Head of Music Peter Bradbury.

Through her work, Adina seeks to amplify female-led narratives and address the gender gap in the film and music industries, where female and non-binary composers are still seriously underrepresented.