Laura Montarroso joins mentorship programme ‘Foundations Futures’

Our Head of Audio Strategy, Laura Montarroso will be representing Sister Music on the mentorship programme ‘Foundations Futures’. In partnership with the Creative Mentor Network and UK Creative Festival, the programme delivers mentorship opportunities to young aspiring creatives from lower socio economic backgrounds that want to work in the creative industries.

Laura says: ‘I was lucky enough to have a mentor throughout my career – having this guidance and advice allowed me to take on career opportunities. My confidence soared, and my goals found clarity. And that meant at that time I was able to harness my talent most effectively.

Now I have a strong desire to help, develop, guide others to find their passion, but most importantly, those from lower socio-economic backgrounds that do not have the resources or opportunities that I had throughout my career; helping them to overcome barriers they face when entering the creative industries. I wanted to thank my whole team at Sister for giving me this opportunity and CMN for providing this opportunity to young people – I’m really looking forward to learning more from the programme, mentees and fellow mentors!’

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