RESISTER win Bronze at the 2021 Shark Awards

Our score for Hey Girls by our amazing Esther Joy Lane wins Bronze at the 2021 Shark Awards.

Hey Girls, a social enterprise brand that sells and donates period products set out to create “the angriest film ever made” to fight period poverty. Despite its negative connotations anger is one of the most motivating human emotions and the aim was to harness anger to encourage positive action. It made sense here to work with a female composer who could really get into the heart of the story and SISTER, a Music Agency passionate about supporting underrepresented talent engaged Esther Joy Lane, the once Charli XCX’s band mate, with creating a score that helped drive this rally cry for change

The brief was to work with dark, glitchy sounds that would really ‘get people angry’ about period poverty while also spurring them into action and inspiring change. There’s a fine balance and it was really important to channel this anger to make it feel like a rally cry, something that draws you to the cause. We also worked closely with the Sound Designer to ensure all elements were cohesive.

We harnessed dark, industrial heavily treated synths for the score to create unease in the listener. Incorporating march like drums and a 120 BPM in line with a raised heart rate, the goal was to activate the viewer, the beat working as a call to arms. Through a steady build and final crescendo, we aimed to channel the anger felt toward period poverty into something ultimately constructive.