The Sound of El Jimador

We embarked on an exciting project with El Jimador Tequila, with the aim of establishing a memorable sonic logo that would work across time, territory, and touchpoint.

Audio Branding
Agency: BBDO
Music Strategy: Laura Montarroso Daher
Music Producer(s): Polona Kasal / Laura Montarroso Daher
Composer: Calibre Sound
Vocal Talent: Galo Ortiz


To create a sonic logo that achieves CONSISTENCY, PRONUNCIATION and DISTINCTIVENESS.


We delved deep into the brand’s drive, proposition, and personality. We found El Jimador Tequila successfully differentiated itself from the crowd. Pronunciation became a key priority, with efforts dedicated to raising awareness and ensuring consumers could confidently articulate the brand’s name. To ensure authenticity and a genuine connection to the brand’s Mexican heritage, we engaged talent from the region. This contributed to their expertise in pronunciation adding an extra layer of cultural richness.


Crafting a recognisable vocal hook that could act as a ‘sonic’ drink order and work across time, territory and touchpoint.

This project demonstrated that everyone, irrespective of background deserved the authentic taste of real, good-quality tequila!